Affiliate Huddle

Affiliate Huddle is the annual conference that provides essential learning and networking for the affiliate industry.

April 23, 2024

Brighton, United Kingdom

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Affiliate huddle

Affiliate Huddle, a dynamic one-day conference solely focused on the realm of affiliate marketing, offers complimentary tickets to advertisers, affiliates, and agencies.

Dedicated to fostering knowledge sharing, recognizing best practices, and sparking meaningful discussions, Affiliate Huddle cultivates an atmosphere of relaxed engagement. The event places great emphasis on networking, providing various avenues to connect with fellow attendees working in the field of affiliate marketing.

Whether it’s through pre-arranged meetings facilitated by the conference organizers, impromptu conversations over a cup of coffee, reaching out to panelists on social media following their sessions, or even mingling on the dance floor at the vibrant after-party, participants have ample opportunities to forge new connections and expand their professional networks within the affiliate marketing community.

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