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As one of an elite group of clients and partners, you’re eligible for exclusive co-marketing opportunities that bring your brand, your partnership program, and your professional accomplishments into the spotlight.

Amplify opens up unique channels for you to reach new audiences, tell your brand story, generate leads, and germinate new partnerships. Best of all, our team of marketing experts does all the heavy lifting; you’re in control, we do the legwork. You also choose the channels, from co-branded press opportunities to joint speaking engagements, webinars, participation in private networking events and much more.

Case studies/ partnership studies

Gain more partners. Participants can establish their innovative handling of partnerships, and establish that they are “a great company to partner with” – hopefully leading to higher number of inquiries to join your program (if you’re on the demand-side) or to have you join their program (if you’re on the supply-side)

New promotional asset. This is a great marketing asset for either company or referring partner to use for their own programs (for demand-side participants), or for applying to other programs (for supply-side participants)

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Virtual or live speaking events and podcasts

Showcase your expertise. As a panelist or speaker at a co-branded event, you demonstrate your professional expertise, competence, and position as an industry thought leader.

Expand your audience. Our webinars, live events, and podcasts reach a massive and diverse audience in the partnership community, exposing you to new partners and business opportunities.

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Tap into our reach. Our blogs and video testimonials reach 20K+ visitors monthly and are promoted to industry professionals via newsletters and social channel

Build your portfolio. With a permanent URL, your blog becomes a portfolio asset you can use freely to progress your career and build your personal brand.

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Partnership profiles and video testimonials

Drive partnerships. Customized case studies showcase your approach to partnership, whether you’re a brand, an affiliate, or a social influencer. We capture why you’re great to work with.

Build your brand. Profiles provide a multipurpose marketing asset to promote your brand story and how you do business.

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Non-published opportunities

Event sponsorships - Give your brand marquis exposure

Customer advisory board - Influence the product roadmap

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Join a select group of top brands, agencies, platforms, and analysts working with’s team of marketing experts to get the word out.


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Amplify your partnership story

Co-marketing activities are amplified through the strategic use of demand generation, social, press, and event marketing tactics.

Reach shared audiences

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