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6 affiliate marketing strategies borrowed from Travelstart’s success story

Travelstart’s product owner, Anna Dairopolous, shares how migrating to strategically changed how the travel brand managed partnerships to help achieve its goals and scale its business.

Jason Perumal
Jason Perumal
Content Marketing Manager
Read time: 5 mins

As Africa’s leading online travel agency, Travelstart relies on its vast affiliate network to connect with customers across the continent. Discover how helped the travel brand remain competitive, nurture growth, and reach its business goals through effective partnership management. 

Key takeaways from this blog
  • The integration team provides support to ensure a seamless migration to the platform.
  • Innovative Discovery features, such as filtering capabilities, allowed Travelstart to connect with highly relevant partners.
  • The platform supports various currencies, helping brands pay global partners.
  • The Travelstart team effectively engaged with its partners using’s digital asset management system and the newsletter feature.
  • Fraud detection tools such as Paid Search Monitoring protected the brands against affiliate and influencer fraud.
  • The team gained full transparency into key insights to optimize program performance with’s built-in system of records.

Six ways transformed partnership management for Travelstart

The right partnership management platform can help your brand thrive at all stages of the partnership life cycle. Anna Dairopolous, Travelstart’s product owner, shares how the team strategically used to tap into affiliate partnership’s influential power as a revenue-generating channel. 


1. Ensuring a smooth migration experience with expert support 

Like a cabin crew providing passenger safety and customer care throughout a flight, helped Travelstart seamlessly navigate to a new platform. The team joined Travelstart’s Slack workspace to communicate constantly throughout the transition. Direct access to support ensured the process remained on track and overcame any issues. 

Anna details the support received, describing the integration process as “more than [she] could ask for.” 

2. Leveraging first-class Discovery tools finds highly relevant partners 

Before joining, partner recruitment was a manual, word-of-mouth process. The Marketplace changed the way Travelstart discovered partners. The platform’s innovative filtering options introduced partners aligned with their business goals. 

Anna explains how automated platform features allowed the team to onboard quickly and make a second pitch to sought-after partners. 

3. Switching to automation drives efficiency in partner contracting 

Working with global partners presents unique challenges, such as currency exchange rates. The platform conveniently allows payouts based on multiple custom parameters and special terms. Additionally, supports various currencies and time zones, helping Travelstart shave two weeks off their partner payment cycle. 

Anna shares how the Travelstart team used these newfound efficiencies to scale its partnership program by ensuring timely payments.

4. Optimizing partner engagement improves performance

Partners can’t drive conversions without the proper resources. The platform streamlines and automates the process of putting necessary information and assets into your partners’ hands. 

The digital asset management system is a one-stop shop for everything from banner ads to informational one-sheets. The newsletter features keep your partners engaged and up-to-date on products and promotions. 

Anna details the team’s engagement strategy in motivating partner performance with’s tools and features.

5. Employing sophisticated fraud detection tools ensures program safety.

The platform empowered Travelstart to prevent threats such as affiliate and influencer fraud. Features such as Paid Search Monitoring ensured the brand’s trademarks were protected from unauthorized bidding by partners on all major search engines in most countries and languages. Anna elaborates further.

6. Tapping into a system of records promotes optimal performance

A system of record is a centralized data source, pinpointing targets for brands and partners to work toward. Partnership management platforms, like, with a built-in system of record, can help achieve the following: 

  • measure partner incrementality
  • provide access to financial documentation
  • facilitate data-driven decisions
  • empower partners for optimal performance

See how the travel brand used to gain full transparency into key insights to optimize program performance.


Is affiliate marketing good for the travel industry?

Affiliate marketing helps travel and tourism companies boost revenue and bookings by increasing reach and customer loyalty. As a performance-based channel, you only pay for success.

How can partnership marketing grow my travel business?

Partnership marketing fuels the growth of travel businesses by helping them reach more customers faster. Whether your brand partners with influencers to help drive bookings or another brand to engage in cross-promotion, a mature partnership program can drive 28 percent of overall company revenue.

What types of partnerships are best for marketing travel and tourism?

Travel and tourism companies often value partnerships with travel review sites, apps, publishers, digital content creators, and retail loyalty programs. Each partnership type offers something different. The best partnership for your business depends on the goals of your campaign.

Let partnership success take flight with 

Many other leading brands have capitalized on the innovation of’s technology to optimize partnership management—leading to impressive results: 

  • TUI migrated the UK’s largest travel affiliate program to, growing revenue by 49 percent.
  • Big Red Group partnered with travel sites, publishers, and content creators to increase ROAS by 117 percent.
  • Skyscanner boosted travel bookings by 77 percent.

Watch the Travelstart customer testimonial for the complete story on how the brand revolutionized partnership management with Generate your own success with by contacting the growth technologist at today.

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