Elevate your inventory quality.

Every year, fraudster steal millions from the ad industry. Fight back. Our dedicated data scientists and robust machine learning algorithms help to protect your reputation, your inventory, and your clients.

Outsmart even the most ingenious fraudsters.

Maintaining your high quality inventory requires vigilance. You need to identify and weed out malicious actors to uphold your reputation, keep your clients safe and justify your CPMs. Forensiq’s machine learning algorithms keep you steps ahead of these fraudsters, so you can grow your revenue with confidence. Our technology offers clear insights into the traffic quality of your partners and lets you flag the latest types of fraud, so you can optimize your inventory for a human audience.

Meet Our Suites

Forensiq Ad Verification Suite

Provides a post-bid analysis of the user and placement of ad impressions. Includes GIVT/SIVT, True Domain/Bundle ID, and Viewability features. Forensiq’s Ad Verification Suite can be applied to both premium and programmatic buys.

Forensiq Firewall Suite

Pre-bid Forensiq provides a risk assessment in real-time based on user level and global signals. Clients make decisions based on that risk assessment about whether to filter out the traffic or let it pass through.

Forensiq Performance Suite

Analyzes whether a click, lead generation, or conversion event is fraudulent. Our real-time API is Informed by a global intelligence database and device verification, and optimized through our full-funnel fraud detection capabilities.

Forensiq Install Suite

A performance fraud solution that analyzes whether the installation of a mobile app or post install conversion is fraudulent AND whether the impression or click events that are attributed to the installation or conversion were fraudulently generated to steal credit for that event.

Deep intelligence across even the most sophisticated forms of ad fraud.

Learn the WHY

Forensiq goes beyond merely flagging suspicious inventory. We give you context —- the reason behind each score — so you have the information you need to negotiate effectively with your suppliers.

Limit Chargebacks

Chargebacks hurt your bottom line and lead to uncomfortable negotiations. Leverage pre-bid filtering to prevent ad fraud and real-time reporting to quickly spot and remedy problematic sources.

Cast a Broad Net

Forensiq is TAG-certified to ensure the highest quality traffic possible. Our technology detects the widest range of fraud methods across desktop, mobile web, and in-app.

Machine-Learning Algorithms

Uncovering Identity

Fraud Reason Codes


Case Study

How LKQD Uses Forensiq to Fight Ad Fraud

In this video, Scott Alexander, COO, LKQD, explains how his organization leverages Forensiq to help combat ad fraud in their programmatic marketplace and deliver verified and clean video inventory to their customers.

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