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Getting Started with Influencer Partnerships – Learning Path Certification

Influencer marketing is the popular new kid on the block, but what’s it really all about? And how do you use it to your brand’s advantage? Who knows? We do! Enroll here for an introduction to influencer partnerships.

Who is this for?

Affiliate marketers

Who are new to the industry and want to develop skills in this field.


Who would like to learn more about one of the most cost-effective digital marketing channels available.

Program managers

Who would like to have a strong understanding of the basics of affiliate marketing and level up from there.

Affiliate managers

Who need help with affiliate marketing industry best practices, worksheets, templates, and tracking documents to successfully manage their program.

What you'll learn?

Influencer marketing is rapidly winning the favor of brands who want to tap into the audiences of trusted influencers. It’s the perfect kind of partnership for bolstering a brand’s marketing strategy by creating brand awareness and driving conversions.

If you’re new to influencer marketing, this certification path will help you implement effective influencer strategies that align with company goals. You’ll learn about concrete action plans and best practices, and receive worksheets to get you started with managing a fruitful influencer marketing and partnerships program.

By the end of this certification path, you will be able to: 

  • Define influencers and influencer tiers.
  • Describe the relationship between influencers and company goals.
  • List niche categories and describe how they can target specific audiences.
  • Understand and choose between all of the available content types.
  • Create scopes of work and influencer briefs.
  • Use amplification in your influencer strategy.
  • Build a budget with a template included for your use.
  • Cast and recruit influencers and negotiate talent rates.
  • Conduct product fulfillment and monitor influencer content.
  • Assess the performance of influencer programs.
Course details
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Course curriculum

Introduction to Influencer Partnerships
Coady Joy
Head of Affiliate & Partnership Education at PXA

In this course, you’ll come to understand the bare bones of influencer partnerships and their pros and cons, as well as grouping factors and tiers—like megawatt, macro, mid-tier, micro, and nano—and the relationship between different types of influencers and company goals. Plus, you’ll be introduced to influencers’ impact on key metrics through the shopping funnel.

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Influencer Partnership Types and Content Formats
Laura Press
Head of Affiliate & Partnership Education at PXA

Influencer partnerships come in myriad forms, and it’s important to keep up with their evolution. Getting a grip on each partnership type will help you to create influencer campaigns that best support your channel and company goals. This course builds on what you’ve learnt about influencer partnerships so far, getting a little more specific about influencer tiers, where they are most appropriately used, as well as influencer niches and content formats, like Instagram stories and TikTok posts.

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Influencer Partnership Strategic Planning
Coady Joy
Head of Affiliate & Partnership Education at PXA

Influencer campaigns can help support many of your channel and company goals. Having clear goals ahead of launching a campaign means you can plan an influencer campaign that best aligns with your KPIs. And once you’re all set with that, you’ll want to make doubly-sure that your influencer campaign fits within your budget. You’ll learn all about it in this course. We’ll also walk you through strategic influencer briefs and how to relay info about key campaign components to influencers.

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Managing and Tracking Influencer Programs
Laura Press
Head of Affiliate & Partnership Education at PXA
Managing and Tracking Influencer Programs

This course will walk you through the end-to-end cycle of campaign execution and all the nuts and bolts of a successful campaign. You’ll first learn about the initial steps in the cycle: casting and recruiting influencers who jibe with company goals, and negotiating talent rates. After that, you’ll explore options for product fulfillment and how to make sure your influencers’ content is making use of the appropriate tags and articulating disclosures.

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Reporting and Measuring Influencer Programs
Coady Joy
Head of Affiliate & Partnership Education at PXA

Just like any other marketing campaign, you’ll want to understand the reporting and performance of your influencer partnerships so you know whether or not you should invest again! In this course, you’ll learn how to leverage technology to measure and report on the goals and KPIs you set before your campaign launched.

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Influencer Partnerships

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