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Say hello to Partnership Experience Academy’s new app! Now you can enjoy free, unlimited access to leading affiliate marketing knowledge and resources, stay ahead of industry trends, and achieve unparalleled career success on the go.

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PXA offers free, in-depth, interactive courses and certifications on essential topics in affiliate marketing, all curated by a team of industry experts. Connect with seasoned specialists through live AMAs, gain valuable insights from real-world case studies, and celebrate your progress — anytime, anywhere.

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With the ability to finish courses and earn industry-recognized certifications at your own pace, you can maintain your competitive edge—no matter how experienced you are in the industry! Download the PXA app today.



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Whether you’re a newcomer or know affiliate marketing like the back of your hand, Partnerships Experience Academy is the perfect solution for staying ahead of the curve with access to the latest industry trends, techniques, and tools.