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Engage Media Buying: Affiliate & Partnerships Industry Training – Associate Course

In this course, you’ll discover what media buying, part of the Engage phase of the Partnerships Life Cycle, primarily involves. You’ll learn that simply adjusting your brand’s strategy can both optimize and maximize your ad campaign’s performance within budget

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This course takes a closer look at a central component of the Engage phase of the Partnerships Life Cycle, Media Buying! Media buying is, in a nutshell, the process of purchasing advertising space on a platform—the real meat and bones of affiliate and partnerships marketing. Here, you’ll dip your toes into the system and varieties of media buys, plus how advertisers pay publishers.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Explain what a media buy is and list the most common types of media buys.
    • Identify the five types of payments advertisers typically give publishers in exchange for placements.
    • Outline the media buy process in detail, including annual buys, seasonal buys, and remnant inventory.
    • Articulate how to work internally to advocate for a budget for media buys.
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Lesson 1
Payment Methods

Take this lesson to learn about the different payment methods.

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Lesson 2
The Media Buying Process

This lesson will take you through the several steps within the media buy process

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Lesson 3
Obtaining Internal Budget

Convincing any internal CFO or other financial top dog to invest in affiliate marketing and partnerships can seem daunting. Learn how to obtain an internal budget in this lesson.

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