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Commerce publishers are a vital part of the partnership economy, so we are thrilled to announce that Trackonomics is now part of the Impact family, super-charging our ability to support publishers, affiliates, and successful content commerce partnerships.  

Impact is committed to investing in the best solutions to help publishers and affiliates diversify revenue streams, generate increased revenue through content commerce, and attribute revenue to the acquisition channels they use to drive traffic to content pages. Just as important, the Trackonomics acquisition will open up more great partnership opportunities between publishers and brands and make it easier for brands and publishers to get deals done.

We believe content partnerships offer a path to more robust and sustainable relationships with brands than traditional advertising does. With Trackonomics, publishers can more easily structure content deals with advertisers and merchants and develop reliable, long-term revenue streams.

Full-funnel attribution for publishers

The Trackonomics supply-side platform (SSP) provides full revenue attribution at the page and the link level — telling publishers exactly how every page is generating income (or losing it). That helps them decide who to partner with across all segments and networks in the industry. 

An increasing number of publishers are taking advantage of commerce content as a means to not only recoup lost ad revenue but also build a strong foundation for a larger portion of their overall revenue. This means writing more content, working with more brands, and creating more affiliate links while keeping a pulse on what consumers are eager to read about. Trackonomics empowers publishers with tools like link automation, customer data consolidation, revenue attribution, and link monitoring to substantially increase their affiliate revenue. 

Trackonomics offers three products to help publishers drive revenue: 

  • The Trackonomics Data Management Platform allows publishers to create actionable data segments and groups with their audience engagement data. It connects programmatic buying spend to affiliate revenue. 
  • Trackonomics’ Linkscanner crawls a publisher’s website, looks for all their affiliate links, and collects information about those affiliate links. 
  • The Trackonomics Chrome Extension is an affiliate network-agnostic deep link generator combined with a product search catalog and recommendation engine that can tell a publisher which other retailers who carry the same product may be a better fit for them.

Unified management (sound familiar?)

Just like the Impact Partnership Cloud allows brands to manage all their partnership types with one platform, Trackonomics provides consolidated automation for publishers. Publishers are working with hundreds, even thousands of brands that may all have different ways of managing their affiliates, whether by striking direct deals with advertisers or utilizing different affiliate networks or SaaS solutions like Impact. The Trackonomics platform allows publishers to consolidate and aggregate data from more than 100 affiliate networks, partnership platforms, and ad platforms in one view. 

What’s in it for brands?

This acquisition benefits Impact brand and merchant customers, too, by opening up more kinds of commerce relationships with publishers and by accelerating the growth of the content partnership ecosystem as a whole.

Carry on, team Trackonomics

Trackonomics is a suite of tools designed to help content publishers, brands, and agencies create, analyze and optimize affiliate content at scale. They were founded in 2014, with the mission to take traditionally messy, patchy, and siloed affiliate data and make it clean and transparent. Their focus has been primarily aimed at making commerce content a lucrative monetization strategy for publishers. 

The Trackonomics team, located in London and Tel Aviv, has amassed more than 80 clients including most of the world’s top publishers, so we intend to let them get on with it. 

To optimize your commerce partnerships for long-term revenue, you can reach the team the same way you always have at… 

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