just made a bold move to help you ACTIVATE and diversify your partnerships

A recent Forrester study emphasises the significance of partner diversity in successful partnerships. To enhance their support for various partnerships, Impact has acquired ACTIVATE, a leading influencer partnership technology provider.

Bold move
David A. Yovanno
David A. Yovanno
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You may remember that last year we published a groundbreaking study from Forrester Consulting that laid out the strong business case for partnerships: Invest in partnerships to drive growth and competitive advantage. The report exposed the “why” of building mature partnerships, that they are key to growth in the new economy.

But people in our industry wanted to know how to replicate the success of the partnerships highlighted in the research. And that’s where a new Forrester partnerships study comes in: Smooth your partnership journey by learning from high-maturity companies.

One of the key takeaways from the study is that partner diversity is a key characteristic of the most mature and high-performing partnerships. That revelation led Impact to consider ways in which we can accelerate our ability to be best in class in supporting each unique partnership type you may encounter, starting with the partnership type that is currently in highest demand: influencers.

So the big news, is that Impact has acquired a top provider of influencer partnership technology: ACTIVATE. This acquisition includes ACTIVATE’s SaaS platform and opt-in marketplace of 175K+ content creators, which means Impact can make a larger pool of influencers discoverable by more data points and filters, and we can offer you new workflows and features to manage more seasonal influencer campaigns in addition to year-round programs. 

You may already know what a powerful growth channel partnerships can be. I am confident that our new capabilities together with access to this new research will help you take your program to the next level. I invite you to download the report now, and learn more about our ACTIVATE acquisition here

Here’s to transformative enterprise growth through powerful, diverse, and successful partnerships,

David A. Yovanno

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