New + Adobe Commerce integration: partner with affiliates and influencers to grow your business

Wouldn’t it be great to have x-ray vision to see inside your affiliate and influencer programs? That’s the superpower of the Adobe Commerce integration with You’ll gain insights into how each partner is performing so you can make precise decisions about your business.

New and Adobe Commerce integration
Blaire McClure
Blaire McClure
Product Marketing Manager
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Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento) merchants gain more growth opportunities thanks to a new plug-in integration with This integration empowers you to launch and automate affiliate and influencer programs for your ecommerce store without a hitch. Now you can track partner efforts and reward them for driving sales to your business —no need to hire a developer. 

Drive growth for your store with and AdobeCommerce

Because we love partnerships, joined the Adobe Experience Cloud Exchange Program at the Accelerate Tier. This distinct Adobe designation enables high visibility within Adobe’s Exchange Directory, granting Adobe Commerce merchants special access to’s content and enablement materials. At this time, is the only partnership management solution recognized at this level. Pretty neat!

How does the integration work?

When you integrate with the partnership management platform, you gain the ability to understand the tangible value each partner drives your online store. This information drives forward the ability to create custom contracts that align partner compensation with the value your partners bring.

Adobe Commerce merchants can also take advantage of the platform to:

  • Use enhanced partner discovery to search and identify the right partners for your program—from affiliates to influencers, content, and more
  • Automate payouts tied to smart, electronic contracts that only pay when a partner drives tangible results for your store
  • Automatically reverse partner commissions associated with returned orders
  • Uncover a partner’s unique strengths and identify which paths are driving the highest conversions

Check out the integration for yourself

Already an AdobeCommerce merchant and interested in more information about Contact our team at to get started. 

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