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As we head into the holidays, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the incredible change that 2019 brought about in our industry.  We have entered a whole new reality in how people choose to discover and ultimately purchase products and services, and as a result, there are new requirements for how enterprises grow their revenue. 

The change? Nearly all new digital ad dollars today go to just two companies, and at a time when people have become numb to traditional selling and advertising. People are tired of being talked at—they are searching for authenticity, and they are finding it in recommendations and referrals from businesses and individuals that they trust.  

This significant consumer shift has given rise to a new major category for business growth in 2019: partnerships.  And it now rivals, and oftentimes surpasses, traditional sales and marketing.

Impact has tapped into this new reality and has transformed the way businesses connect and scale with partners. Years ago, digital partnerships were limited to just affiliates, and other partnerships were siloed with business development teams.  As a result, there was no real growth or even a real understanding of the category of partnerships—or its potential.

Now with our partnership automation technology, we have unlocked the potential to work with every single partner type, including influencers, affiliates, business to business, media publishers, software integrations, social responsibility partners, and more. It is clear that the new Partnership Economy has no borders—and exciting to see that businesses are ready to grow through partnerships.

I’ve summed up the key highlights of this extraordinary trend here in a message. The bottom line is that 2019 has been nothing short of a breakout year for the partnership economy—and for Impact. 

Our Partnership Cloud has unleashed the full potential of partnerships and started a movement that is creating new opportunities for businesses and professionals alike. It’s an incredible journey that is breaking new boundaries.

When Impact released a global study by Forrester Research earlier this year, it was a game-changer for the industry. The research provided the data around “why” investing in partnerships is so vital to an enterprise’s ongoing success—both in the overall organization and for career growth. In response, this year more than double the number of attendees attended Impact Growth, our annual leadership event in New York, and then later this year we took it on the road to San Francisco. 

As a company, we grew to more than 500 employees in 12 global locations, supporting over 1,000 clients across all verticals, managing more than $50B in ecommerce sales and processing more than $2B in payments to partners. We’ve worked hard to provide our clients with the best technology for them to grow, so we are honored to have received numerous awards this year, including Best Technology Platform , Best SaaS Platform, Best Attribution Solution, Best Analytics Solution, and 6 Leader awards from G2 Crowd.  

Most importantly, the outlook for partnerships in 2020 is phenomenal. We’ll be exploring new partner types, announcing new automation capabilities, and continuing to simplify and scale the ways partnerships drive revenue growth for businesses all over the world.

As we close out this remarkable year, I’m full of optimism, excitement, and enormous gratitude for what lies ahead for us all next year. 

Wishing you all the best for 2020 and beyond,

David A. Yovanno

CEO, Impact

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