Why businesses choose impact.com over Rakuten Advertising for their partnerships program

Reduce CPAs by up to 20% after migrating with the most robust affiliate and influencer management software.

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You’ve spent countless hours researching and analyzing the competition—and now two platforms stand before you

Choosing the right partnership platform is no small task. We compiled a comprehensive list comparing our platform to Rakuten Advertising to make your decision easier.

impact.com vs rakuten

3 reasons brands choose impact.com:


Reduce CPA by 20% or more

Unlike Rakuten, impact.com offers multiple ways to pay partners beyond the last click. You can track across different channels to prove the affiliate channel value by comparing it against your other channels. And you can avoid double paying on cross-channel events through de-duplication.

On average, brands reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) by 20%. One outdoor retailer saved $1.2 million after optimizing with impact.com!


Get complete control over your program and data

With our robust reporting, you’ll get more than 100 data points to analyze (unlike the 20 Rakuten provides). We give you program control through the best tech on the market (according to G2, not just us).

You can access real-time, accurate data with reports like the contribution and crediting concerns report and the subway graph – which applies attribution logic to all of your customer’s touchpoints, including non-affiliate channels – to show incrementality. Plus, the last-to-cart crediting report proves the true value of your partners, allowing you to pay based on value with commissioning— that way, you can adjust in real time based on the data.


Expand your partnerships globally

Unlike Rakuten, our customers can run multiple programs in different geographical regions. No need for different logins and passwords, plus you avoid siloed data with automated report-pulling. Technology is moving fast, and you need impact.com because it invests in the latest AI and automation to keep up with this always-changing industry.

impact.com will never limit your ability to scale. Automate your partnerships—from recruiting to onboarding through reporting, optimizing, and payouts—so you can to focus your energy on scaling your program. With a single login, you can access real-time data for any region, choose from over 70 currencies (compared to Rakuten’s 10), and pay partners faster.

Still need convincing?

Migrating to impact.com is easy. Our team of migration experts helps brands maintain continuity with existing partners and move seamlessly with no risk to revenue or program performance.

$1M-5M revenue,

Luxury bedding & loungewear brand

“We needed to make the switch to a bigger, better solution with better reporting, better ways to work with partners and a way to optimize contracts. We especially liked the unlimited commission payout on different codes and different product SKUs. The move to impact.com was necessary as we continue to grow”

$500M-1B revenue,

eCommerce Brand

“A brand on impact.com migrated to Rakuten based on the promise of better services and feature parity. However, they quickly realized that the the level of reporting visibility, contract flexibility, and diverse partnership access was limited, which threw a wrench in their efficiency metrics. They returned to impact.com because it was the best way for them to ensure the highest quality partnerships and efficiency of the partnerships channel.”

$250M-500M revenue,

Online education brand

“An online course provider migrated to impact.com to save on costs. By automating manual tasks, deduping against other paid channels, aligning payouts with value, and using SaaS pricing that scales as they grow, they were able to dramatically decrease overall spend. In addition to the cost savings, they were able to accelerate its program growth on impact.com through streamlining and automating its partner recruitment.”

What are your biggest challenges today?

Partner discovery & recruitment

You can discover more than 110,000 publishers with an additional 90,000 creators in the impact.com Marketplace.

Plus, recruit out-of-platform publishers and creators with keyword-based searches that search across the internet to pull in highly-relevant results.

The impact.com platform enables users to send personalized outreach emails in bulk, receive AI-based recommendations for relevant partners, and analyze partnership gaps with benchmarking to discover and recruit perfectly-aligned partners at scale.

Platform functionality & ease of use

Technology shouldn’t get in your way; quite the opposite. The impact.com platform is designed to maximize both ease of use and functionality so you can partner without limits.

From discovery and recruitment, to onboarding, to day-to-day management, the intuitive and easy-to-navigate impact.com empowers both you and your partners to maximize productivity.

The platform automates the manual workflows, saving you time and ensuring continual optimization of your partnerships to drive growth and increase efficiency.

Tracking & reporting

The impact.com platform offers reliable cross-channel tracking that captures every touchpoint in the consumer journey so you can not only deduplicate conversions to optimize your marketing spend, but you can also see the full picture in robust out-of-the-box reporting—it’s like getting extra resources to help you manage your partnerships at a fraction of the cost! Our clients save time and marketing dollars, and ultimately drive data-backed performance.

Partners prefer working with brands on impact.com because they receive full transparency into their promotional efforts and ultra reliable tracking. When partners have complete confidence that their efforts are being properly tracked, they are willing to invest more heavily.

Unified influencer capabilities

The impact.com platform gives you a single unified solution to manage your affiliate and influencer partnerships — no integrations or additional vendors needed.

When you have a single system of record for all of your partnerships, it simplifies your workflows, streamlines partner management, and makes it easier to compare performance apples-to-apples.

And while our platform helps you manage all types of partners, it certainly isn’t one size fits all. You’ll gain access to all of the functionality you need to successfully manage each unique partnership type, from campaign management tools to run short- term influencer campaigns, to highly-flexible contracting capabilities to ensure you can align payout with value for your affiliate partners.

Customizable service options
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Businesses receive the exact level of service they need — from troubleshooting the basics to full-managed services or customized approaches anywhere in between.

You also benefit from our strong relationships with respected agency partners. We have a repository of trusted and vetted agencies that our team can recommend based on your unique service needs.

You’ll have 24/5 access to in-app chat support, detailed help documentation, plus platform and industry training through our Partnerships Experience Academy (PXA).

  • Support
  • Onboarding/Migration Service
  • CSM Service
  • Studio Service
  • Trusted Agency Relationships

The crowd has spoken!

impact.com named a leader by G2 across 7 categories:

affiliate marketing

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