New Industry Insider Spotlight Series

Coming soon! I am expanding our current Impact Radius Industry Insider’s Spotlight series to begin looking at current issues and trends in the performance marketing industry. Using the same one-on-one format, these video interviews with industry insiders will address the top industry issues and trends affecting us all.

As a preview of what will be in these interviews, I thought I would put down what I’m hearing as some of the top industry issues and trends in the performance marketing industry.

  1. Mobile: Let’s face it, mobile is the future. It is where the traffic and dollars are going.

  2. Intra-affiliate vs. Multi-channel Data: Marketers should never be satisfied until they have access to every data point possible. There is so much value that can be derived from big data that operating without it should be a crime. Affiliate should be no different.

  3. Nexus Laws: This has been an issue taking a big chunk out of the performance marketing industry. If it gets resolved with a national internet tax law, a lot of revenues will be flowing back into affiliate.

  4. Attribution: If you have a complex media mix or a lot of marketing spend, there is a lot of value in attribution modeling.

  5. Split Commissions: While this is easier said than done, it nonetheless remains a hot topic in the performance marketing industry.

  6. In-house vs. Agency Managed: What is the best way to maximize results in the affiliate channel?

  7. Global Affiliate Marketing: The world is your oyster, so don’t forget to take advantage of what it can offer!

  8. Incrementality: What is it and where can I find more of it?

  9. Networks vs. SaaS Solutions: What are the pros and cons and which is right for you?

  10. Diversification in the Affiliate Channel: There is more to affiliate marketing than coupon and loyalty.

What other issues or trends are you seeing in the performance marketing industry that you want to see get discussed? Share your thoughts here and we’ll try to get them covered in the second series of our Industry Insider Spotlight. And stay tuned for our expanded Industry Insider Spotlight coming soon!

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