Introducing Phylicia

Last week, I started drafting an upcoming post called “The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions by Online Marketing Newbies.” The inspiration for the post came from a list of “beginner topics” created by the newest member of our Impact Radius marketing team: Phylicia Clifton.

Phylicia isn’t brand new to marketing and, given the timing of when she started her career, she’s had plenty of exposure to the discipline of online marketing. Yet her beginner’s list included many of the same subjects that appeared on newbie training materials over a decade ago.

I wondered… Why, with technology continually evolving, has the educational information stayed the same? Were all of our original assumptions, the basis for the fundamentals, simply just right?

I believe that analysis is worth exploring.

And, as Phylicia and I discussed how we might best cover introductory topics, I realized that as she learns about our company, our product suite, and the businesses we serve, her perspective is probably way more common than mine or other members of the Impact Radius team.

It’s true; the customers using our technology are often “newbies” to their assigned marketing function, though not to marketing itself. Or are new to the opportunities created by innovation in technology.


Phylicia thought it might help others to share her journey as we embark on giving decade old topics (and some new ones, too) an updated point of view. I think it’s a great idea. It gives all of us reason to revisit the past and determine if the practices formulated in the late 90s still serve us today. All from the unique perspective of fresh eyes.

So, here’s an enthusiastic welcome to Phylicia. We’re genuinely excited to be introducing her bright, new voice on the Impact Radius blog.

You can follow Phylicia’s journey on Twitter @Impact_Phylicia.

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