Infographic: How to Grow Your Mobile App

Is it just us or is mobile really having a moment right now? We’d be willing to bet you’re almost sick of hearing about it, but are you actually doing anything about it?

We learned so much from our webinar with Tapjoy on how the mobile market has erupted and where the opportunities are for marketers. We’re all in agreement: the future of marketing is mobile. Top brands are putting big investments in their apps and trying creative ways to drive engagement, and ultimately, growth. But how do you make those investments pay off?

Understanding the mobile market and tracking results will be essential to growing the channel and maximizing your advertising spend. That’s where Impact Radius comes in. But it’s what you do with the data that really matters. We thought Tapjoy’s Burst, Sustain, and Optimize method was dead on and decided to put together an infographic on how to build and grow your mobile app . Please feel free to share: ImpactRadius_Mobile_App_Infographic_2015!

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