5 Sessions for Marketers to Check Out at Mobile World Congress 2019

Mobile World Congress 2019 has kicked off in Barcelona with a myriad of sessions for attendees to sink their teeth into. Below are 5 sessions that caught our eye.

  1. Get Ready for the Future of Customer Experience
    Monday, 3:30pm, Fira Montjuic Hall 8 – Banco Sabadell Stage
    Trust, empowerment, and intelligence will redefine customer experience as we know it. But technology is only a part of the equation for success. How do you build a values-driven business and connect with your customers in a whole new way? Join Leyla Seka, GM and Executive Vice President of Mobile at Salesforce to find out.
  2. Engaging the Fan of the Future
    Tuesday, 1pm, Hall 4 – Auditorium 2
    The future of live experiences is radically changing. Fans in the venue, at home or on-the-go have increased expectations and demands for how they can experience their entertainment. Advancements in new technology, like AR, VR, 360 imaging and 5G, create new opportunities for organizations to engaging their fans and keep the support.
    Moderated by: Sam Evans, Partner, Delta Partners
    Panel: Doug Lodder, SVP Business Development, Boingo Wireless; Chris Berend, SVP Digital Video & Co-Founder of Great Big Story, CNN; Peter Parmenter, SVP Business Development, DAZN; Marek Borowik, Customer Marketing, Formula 1; Jayar Donlan, EVP Advanced Media, WWE
  3. The Innovation Floodgates are Open
    Wednesday, 10:45am, Fira Montjuic Hall 8 – Banco Sabadell Stage
    Disrupt or be disrupted is the survival motto for businesses in this era of digital transformation. But disruption doesn’t pre-announce itself – you can’t plan for it. Instead, companies are looking at how to best get ahead of the future by organising themselves for innovation. But what do businesses need to start doing today to get ready?  This session, hosted by Susan James, Senior Director, Telecommunications Strategy at Red Hat, will look at how an organisation can innovate around its core business, and take the opportunity to disrupt. Factors include how to embrace emerging technologies; how to manage digital skills both internally and through partnerships; and how to make sense of consuming open source and collaborating in community innovation.
  4. The 150 Year Old Startup
    Wednesday, 11am, Fira Montjuïc Hall 8 – Purple Studio
    We are now at an inflection point, a tectonic shift in our society and the business world, a global shift from industrial to digital. The biggest challenge for any organization especially one that is an industry leader, is how to continually evolve with time and maintain its edge regardless of industry and technological shifts. PWC over the last 150 years has been able to continually evolve and maintain its global leadership. Realizing the world was shifting at exponential rate and technology driven organizations would dominate, PWC has made the decision to digitize itself at scale with 100% employee buy-in. There was no road map or solutions out there especially when it comes to scale. PWC took it on to digitize itself on scale. A Digital transformation on such global scale has never been done. The MasterClass will give a first hand insight and in person setting with the architects of the change and hear first and learn about the key drivers and principles that have drove the change at scale, ensured no employee was left behind and business objectives were met. These key principles are relevant both to large organization and startups who are looking to rapidly grow, ensuring their employees and stakeholders are aligned on companies mission and business objectives in today’s rapidly changing technology driven business environment.
  5. Mobile for Development: The Next 30 Years – Building an Inclusive Digital Future
    Wednesday, 11am, South Entrance CC 1.5
    The World Wide Web, 30 years old in 2019, has revolutionised our global society at unprecedented speed. Given to the world for the good of humanity by its founder Sir Tim Berners Lee, the internet makes life-enhancing information and services available at the touch of a button, and mobile technology brings it into the palms of our hands. The mobile industry contributes $3.6 trillion to global GDP and Gallup research shows that mobile ownership combined with internet connectivity increases how individuals rate their own well-being. Mobile connectivity drives innovation and reduces inequalities in our world. This seminar will showcase new innovations enabled by mobile internet and look at what the mobile industry, governments and development partners can do to ensure the next 30 years of the internet brings its benefits to everyone.
    Moderated by: Krista Baptista, Senior Director, DAI’s Center for Digital Acceleration (CDA).
    Panel:  Magdalena Banasiak, Senior Innovation Adviser, Department for International Development (DFID); Nikolai Astrup, Minister of Digitalisation, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Sonia N. Jorge, Executive Director, Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI); M. Yasmina McCarty, Head of Mobile for Development, GSMA

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