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In cases where an HTML ad has associated content, Impact can host images, JavaScript and/or CSS files. Hosting on Impact offers the ability to make changes to ads without additional internal technical resources.


Prior to uploading the files, verify that

1. the HTML contains at least one absolute link (landing page):

<a href=””>

2. several dynamic tokens are available in table format in the UI

Upload files

Under Update Files, click Choose Files and upload all the files referenced in the HTML. Once the files are uploaded, the HTML will update to include a new {file:} token for each file. For example, image.png will update to {file:image.png} .

Note: Only Images, JavaScript, CSS and font files are permitted for uploading. The max file size is 1MB for all file types.

Tip: To upload multiple files on a Mac, hold down the Command Key (⌘) when selecting files.

Content Ads Examples

Example 1

<script id="widget123" affiliate-link="{irpid}/{iradid}/{ircid}" src=""

When a partner logs into their Impact account and pulls the ad code, the affiliate links populate with unique IDs. For example:

<script id="widget123" affiliate-link="" src=""

The script creates an ad enabling you to select or enter text. On click (submit), you are redirected to the advertiser’s page using the tracking link for this specific partner (extracted from the affiliate-link parameter in the ad). For example, if you want to redirect the user to:

Upon click, the redirect should be:

Where value1 and value2 are the selections/text entered in the banner which need passed to the advertiser’s site as query string parameters.

Example 2

The code snippets below are examples of content ads.

<!--Start of content ad -->  <a id="myUniqueLinkId" target="_blank">Click here (updated via Javascript to

<-- Place this in the content Ad --> 

<script type="text/javascript"> var clickTag = ""; 

//Usually looks like this 

//var clickTag = "{domain}/c/{irpid}/{iradid}/{ircid}"; 


 //but for the demo we make it some absolute URL ->


<!--<script type="text/javascript" src="ad_script.js"> --> 


//this can either be inlined like this or loaded via the script tag above via ad_script.js 

var finalDestination = clickTag + "?u=" + ""; 



<!-- Needed for the Ads validator-->

<noscript><a href="">Click here>

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