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Referral partnerships are the best way to generate more cost-effective leads, subscriptions, and upgrades — in less time.

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Align payouts to value

No matter what your conversion funnel looks like, you can choose exactly where you want to trigger an automatic payout.

Use our Salesforce and Hubspot integrations to pay your partner based on their lead’s progress through your pipeline.

Or if your sales process is more self-serve, you can instead pay at key stages like subscription upgrade or renewal.

Diversify your partnerships

Tech partners

Consultants and agencies

Channel referrals

Premium publishers


Review and comparison


Ambassadors and advocates

Find more partners

Find more partners

Successful partnership teams promote their SaaS products through a diverse array of channel partners, including:

  • Industry bloggers and content creators
  • Community organizations such as chambers of commerce
  • Professional service firms and consultancies
  • Integrations with other SaaS tools

With our open platform and powerful discovery tools, you’ll have access to 7M+ potential partners of your own.

Why Canva loves using to manage contracting and tracking

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Automate your contracting and payouts

With the world’s most flexible contracting platform — and the tracking to back it up — you can incentivize your partners just about any way you like, then pay them automatically when they deliver value. For example, you can:

  • Create and send a custom contract in minutes without having to wait for legal to review
  • Track your partners’ productivity in real time without logging into your CRM
  • Pay partners automatically in their local currency without writing a check
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Prove your partners’ value

It can be frustrating to watch a partner drive a valuable lead, only to see marketing or sales swoop in and take credit for it. With a powerful attribution engine, you can see exactly how your partners are adding value in the conversion path, and how those touchpoints are interacting with other channels.

Get global

Your software is available globally — your partnership program should be, too. With the Partnership Cloud™, you can:

  • Find and recruit partners from anywhere in the world
  • Deposit your own preferred currency and automatically pay partners in any of 80+ supported currencies
  • Enjoy platform support in nearly 40 languages

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