Welcome Attendees

The marketing organization is in the midst of a turbulent shift. The proliferation of point solutions create complexity, and trust in data and the ad tech ecosystem is at an all time low. And as the role of the CMO shifts to being a change agent for growth, how do marketing leaders make the best decisions confidently to boost the organization? Impact CEO David A. Yovanno previews some key messages of the day ahead during the Opening Session.


5 Disruptions Changing Marketing As We Know It

The marketing ecosystem is undergoing seismic shifts and transformation from all directions. In this stage-setting keynote, Scott Brinker identifies 5 major disruptions that are reshaping marketing and the implications they’re having on everything from cross-organizational governance for marketing as customer experience, to marketing operations and tech management in a “post-platform” world.


Trust & Confidence in a Paid Marketing Platform

Impact’s Head of Strategy and Executive Chairman, Per Pettersen addresses the increasing complexity and fragmentation within marketing tech stacks that pose significant challenges to marketers seeking to measure, understand, and identify key revenue drivers for growth.


Lenovo & Autodesk: From Partner Marketing to Attribution

Learn how our customers are addressing the latest challenges in paid marketing. Join our discussion with Lenovo and Autodesk as they share their points of view on the state of partner marketing and marketing intelligence, and learn how they manage their partnerships and optimize their spend.


Forensiq: Leveraging AI & Machine Learning to Fight Fraud

Mobile in-app fraud has become a major arena for bad actors and yet it’s poorly understood. Amit Joshi, Director of Product & Data Science, Forensiq by Impact, offers a deep dive into how AI techniques can expose specific types of fraud in the mobile and performance space, and why they’re so effective against malicious players.


State of Mobile Ad Fraud and Stake in its Suppression

As bad actors increasingly set their sights on mobile campaigns, it’s imperative that both supply and demand side players take an active role in cleaning up the digital supply chain. Our panel – MoPub (Twitter), COMET (Cox Media Technology), LKQD and – representing multiple points in the chain, share their views on how they’re confronting ad fraud across the marketing funnel with an emphasis on in-app impression fraud and the tactics they’re using to tackle it.


Radius: Affiliate Marketing is Dead

The world of partner marketing is changing. It’s no longer good enough to have a collection of set-it-and-forget-it affiliates who push out your offers. Marketers today need true partners. But it’s more work to collaborate with partners than to manage affiliates, especially if you want to do it at scale, from recruitment through partnership maturity. Impact’s Director of Technical Product Management, Brad Clendenen, discusses the concept of “partner lifecycle management” and share how Radius is planning to power true collaboration between brands and all their partners.


Evolution of Partner Marketing

Join leading brands Barkbox, Lenovo, Levi Strauss, and Ticketmaster as they discuss the changing world of partner marketing. Find out how they are breaking new ground in their partner channels and learn best practices for managing influencers and strategic partners — all in the service of helping you optimize and grow your performance marketing programs.


How Uber & Airbnb Drove into New Global Markets

For Uber and Airbnb, partner marketing has been an essential piece of their global strategy. Join Uber’s Keith Posehn and Airbnb’s Ashwin Krishnan as they discuss the role of partner marketing in markets like China and Latin America. Learn how they identify and recruit new partners in local markets, and hear their strategies for maximizing the value of each partnership.


Bonus (cut for time): Building Trust in Your Marketing Data Ecosystem

Data quality can make or break a marketer’s business. Forrester Senior Analyst Tina Moffett and panelists from Publishers Clearing House, and Impact dive into the issue of building data fidelity into the marketing tech stack, and the challenge of maintaining data resiliency amid rapid, and often volatile industry shifts. Best practices for ensuring fraud-free data, viewability standards, in-app tracking, and the identity graph are among the topics our panel will discuss.


Digital Business Growth in APAC – Challenges & Opportunities

Join our distinguished panelists from APAC as they discuss the international challenges and opportunities of growing their businesses through paid marketing in a uniquely diverse and dynamic market.

Sean Achor

The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance

We’ve all heard it before: hard work breeds success, then happiness follows. What if the formula is scientifically backward? Through his research on top performers at Harvard and Fortune 500 companies, Shawn Achor identifies patterns that create a happiness advantage for positive outliers — the highest performers at a company. His book, The Happiness Advantage, explains positive psychology, how much we can change, and offers practical solutions for reaping the benefits amid ongoing change and challenge.


Closing Remarks

Impact CEO David A. Yovanno returns to the stage to recap the highlights of the day, pointing out the most valuable takeaways from the conference that help marketing leaders restore confidence in their marketing decisions, and be more effective agents of growth within their organization.