Optimize your affiliate partner program with partnership development expert Elizabeth Hoover

Publishers can build better relationships with brand partners by optimizing with PXA’s Laura Press and Elizabeth Hoover of DMi Partners.

Laura Press, Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education, PXA
Laura Press
Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education, PXA
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Winning new brand partners is only the beginning. The real work starts after you sign the contract. As a publisher, your team will want to dig deep into data to understand your performance.

This new Partnerships Experience Academy (PXA) course will help you understand what to measure, how to measure, and how to use the data to improve performance. 

PXA’s own Laura Press leads the course as the Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education for publishers at impact.com.

She joins Elizabeth Hoover, who brings seven years of experience spanning affiliate marketing, e-commerce content, client management, partner recruitment and management, and influencer marketing.

Elizabeth is currently the Associate Director of Partnership Development at DMi Partners. Together, they will lead you through the Optimize phase of the partnership life cycle from the publisher’s perspective.

Optimize affiliate partnerships through rich data 

Learn to predict the future of your brand partnerships and understand the value of each partner. This PXA course will teach you how to:

  • Understand key performance indicators (KPIs). Learn how to evaluate the success of your partnerships program based on KPIs. This includes learning and establishing your own KPIs, in addition to what your partnered brands have in place.
  • Identify data granularities. Dig deeper into data to gain insights into your program. Create a template to keep all that data organized so you can recognize patterns or even anomolies.
  • Analyze data within reporting. Data tells a story, and can guide your partnerships decisions. As the author of this narrative, bring this story to life in order to excite your partnered brands.
  • Create post-campaign recaps for external use. Learn how to create a report to show your partnered brand the value you bring to the partnership. Brands love to see the numbers behind the campaign, so showcase both quality and quantity.

These skills and strategies will help you easily navigate a partnership’s early days. A strong foundation sets the stage for the longevity of the partnership.

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