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#ResolveToEvolve in 2023

If you’re looking to grow your career in affiliate marketing, join Coady Joy and Laura Press in January 2023 as we #ResolveToEvolve. We’ll work together and commit to completing PXA’s three affiliate and partnerships industry certifications in just 30 days.

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Will you invest in yourself in 2023?

By taking the time to invest in yourself and your knowledge, you’ll be positioning yourself for success in the competitive world of affiliate marketing. Whether you’re looking to grow your existing business or find a new job, obtaining your certifications will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. By committing to this resolution and dedicating 30 days to learning and growing, you’ll be setting yourself up for a successful and fulfilling career in affiliate marketing and partnerships.

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30-Day Schedule

January 2 – 8
Earn your Affiliate & Partnerships Industry Fundamentals Certification
60 min

This course should take you no longer than 1 hour. Or, if you already have a handle on the fundamentals of affiliate and partnerships, you can "test out," or take the test without taking the course. Once you've earned your certification, post it on LinkedIn with the hashtag #ResolveToEvolve.

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January 10
Join the "Staying on Track, Together" Live Session
30 min

This 30-minute check-in will allow you to collaborate with your peers also committed to #ResolveToEvolve. We'll work together to support each other in completing our certifications and achieving our goals. You'll have a chance to network and ask questions of your Heads of Affiliate & Partnerships Education, Coady Joy and Laura Press.

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January 9 – 22
Earn your Affiliate & Partnerships Industry Associates Certification
5.3 hours

This will build off the fundamentals course you took earlier. This one is longer at 5.3 hours, so we recommend you complete 2.5 hours one week and finish it up the following week. You can also "test out" again! Don't forget to tag #ResolveToEvolve and share on LinkedIn when you get your certification!

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January 17
Join the "Sharing Progress and Holding Each Other Accountable" Live Session
30 min

This meeting and networking event is focused on helping individuals and teams stay on track and make progress towards their goal of receiving all 3 PXA industry certifications in 30 days or less. The discussion will revolve around strategies for staying motivated, overcoming challenges, and making time for learning.

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January 23 – 31
Earn your Affiliate & Partnerships Industry Expert Certification
5.5 hours

Our expert-level certification will launch on January 12th. Feel free to get started as soon as it's live! Once you've achieved your certification, post your certification to LinkedIn with #ResolveToEvolve and tag Partnerships Experience Academy.

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February 1
Join the "Success Stories from Certified Professionals" Live Session

Join Coady and Laura one last time as they hear success stories from those who have been certified! Celebrate your progress and learn who got a $100 gift card!

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