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Productivity and Time Management

Leveraging technology we are now able to accurately track many relevant metrics for influencer campaigns. Just like any other marketing campaign, you’ll want to understand the reporting and performance of your influencer partnerships so you know whether or not you should invest again! This lesson will cover reporting on the various goals and KPIs that you may have set before your campaign launched. This course is part of the Getting Started with Influencer Partnerships certification learning path, which you can complete for a certification in Influencer Marketing and Partnerships. Enroll in the full learning path in the PXA portal.

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  • Set your priorities to better manage your time
  • Improve your productivity by sharpening your focus and multitasking effectively
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Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Prioritize Your Tasks
Lesson 3
Getting Things Done
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Lesson 5
Multitasking and Focus