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Negotiation & Influencing People

You might have taken negotiation and influencing training before, but this course is different and avoids one-size-fits-all strategies and mainstream approaches. Master negotiators don’t shackle themselves with rigid plans. Instead, they arm themselves with the right knowledge and skills to become strategically agile.

Who is this for?

Affiliate marketers

Who want to learn skills to help them be more effective in their roles.

Partnership leaders

Who would like to better support the teams that they manage.

Affiliate managers

Who want to stay organized and increase their efficiency.

What you'll learn?

Course overview
  • Learn negotiation tactics and ways to effectively influence people.
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Course curriculum

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
The Lion in Love
Lesson 3
Two Chefs and the Orange
Lesson 4
Program on Negotiation
Lesson 5
Compromise on Negotiation
Lesson 6
Preparing for a Negotiation
Lesson 7