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Vitamin World’s affiliate program was needing a refresh — they wanted a more cost-efficient platform plus tools they could use for their promotion management. Impact’s partner management tool gave Vitamin World a variety of ways to blacklist non-affiliate coupon codes as well as managing exclusive codes for specific partners or a group of partners.

Vitamin World then paired up with PartnerCentric and Impact to create an efficient program to create a fully automated and fully realized partnership channel. That, in turn, freed up time and budget for PartnerCentric to scale and diversify Vitamin World’s partnerships.

How the Partnership Cloud gave Vitamin World a boost

The results were impressive. The company grew revenue from employee benefits partners alone by 78% YoY. It also slashed CPCs and saved more than 100K in fees and blacklisted coupon losses. 

With streamlined management, lower costs, faster growth, and higher revenue, Vitamin World is now stronger than ever.

Read the full case study to learn more about how Vitamin World has re-energized its partnerships with Impact. Want to get results like Vitamin World? Contact a growth technologist at

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