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A tracking solution integration can be a daunting project, with many factors to consider. By following these tips, we’ll help you succeed with minimal effort.

1. Come Prepared

No one understands how important your affiliate program is more than us. It’s a high-risk high-reward venture. If you do it right – with the right technology – you will open up a world of opportunities. Do it wrong and you risk wasting resources, hours, and most importantly; your very carefully allocated marketing budgets.

Which is why it is important to come prepared. The integration period is crucial in more ways than one.

Want to make the transition and integration as seamless as possible? That means only integrating once. How can you prepare for this? Know your current capabilities and think about what your future capabilities could be. Whether it realizes in a few months or a few years, tell us what you want to see, and we will help you achieve it.

Your Onboarding coordinator will provide you with step-by-step guides, a target timeline, visual walk-throughs and hands-on support to assist. Have the program terms, creatives and branding ready so it’s simply a matter of uploading, and voila! – you are seamlessly on your way to integration.

2. Include Relevant People in the Integration

Integration is typically a time-sensitive process due to old programs closing, an approaching holiday season, or simply the desire to get the program up and running.

One important key to completing the process quickly is attending the required meetings. It is up to the day-to-day contact to ensure the relevant parties are included, when necessary.

The two most important meetings are the initial kick-off, and the finance call. In both cases, parties not necessarily involved with the affiliate marketing program, but essential for securing an optimized setup, need to be involved. Be sure they are briefed beforehand. Discuss the desired outcome and faults and success of past experiences. This will result in a far more valuable conversation for everyone involved, and most importantly will get the campaign closer to launching a whole lot faster.

3. Clearly Communicate Your End-Goal

Affiliate programs are based on strategy. That strategy needs to be formulated in detail and communicated clearly before, and during, the onboarding process. We discuss your goals, your needs and your success measures before the process starts, so that we can help you reach those goals. You must know your goals in order for us to help you.

There is no standard setup. Each setup is unique, customized to client goals and desires. We appreciate that you chose Impact Radius as a partner, and we view your company as exactly that – a partnership!  So remember to keep us in the loop with any alterations and changes. With that in mind, trust us to provide you with next steps, best practices, communication samples, migration tracking reporting, and even an entire Media Partner Recruitment team, to assist with the transition.

4. Don’t be Scared of the UI

Are there lots of settings? Yes. Are there lots of buttons? Yes. Are there lots of features? Yes. Is there a lot that can go wrong from clicking around in the UI? Nope! The UI was built to be logical and user-friendly, so don’t be scared; be curious and explore! You will learn more from drilling into features than any guide can ever teach you. If you’re ever unsure, the golden rule is to “Keep Calm & Contact Support”,  and above all else – “Don’t Click Save”. Keeping those mantras in mind – take the time to explore!

Remember – our software simply displays and organizes the data you send to our servers. Whether it be from a pixel fire, or an API call, its wish is your command. As long as we have the data stored, most mistakes are repairable.

5. Let Us Help You

“Let me know if you have any questions”. A line we have all heard many times. It may sound hackneyed to some, but what if we really meant it? Guess what – we do.

Impact Radius has invested a tremendous amount of resources to ensure the integration process is not only smooth, but also a learning process. Not only do you have a dedicated Onboarding Coordinator, you have a dedicated Technical Integrations Specialist, a dedicated Onboarding team, and a dedicated Support team. We are available, and here for you! So please ask questions, and learn as much as possible prior to launch.  You will be provided with detailed setup guides, integration guides, and support documentation. If you do not find what you are looking for, we will either provide the answers personally, or guide you in the right direction.

6. Keep Talking

Our focus is to make this entire process — no, journey — as easy and manageable as possible.  For that reason we encourage feedback.  Do you have any tips or best practices that helped your onboarding process? If so, comment below.

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