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YouTube affiliates are the rising stars of the CPA partner space. These special partners can promote your products in effective ways to their (sometimes massive) followings. Read on for more details on taking advantage of these unique partnerships.

There’s a lot to take in when it comes to YouTube affiliates, but if you have the right tools for the job, you’ll be set.

Assign Unique Promo Codes to Your YouTube Affiliates

A common way of tracking YouTube affiliates or video bloggers is via promo code tracking. First, create the promo code within your shopping cart. If possible, we recommend assigning a unique name to this code that will clearly identify the promoter (for instance, Joey Vlogger would get ‘JVLOG2016’). Then, assign the code to your partner via your affiliate software to ensure they’ll automatically be awarded credit when the code is used. From there? Relax. The YouTube partner can now showcase the code on their channel to clue in their loyal fanbase about the sweet deals they’ll score. Your affiliate software should be able to take care of the rest.

Consider Skipping Tracking Links

If you’re familiar with typical affiliate tracking methods, then you know most traffic is sent through special tracking links. Going into 2016 these kinds of links are being used less and less, especially when it comes to YouTube affiliates. Your partners should be able to send traffic directly to your website, without needing to redirect their viewers (aka your customers) through a hidden link. On top of that, many platforms are beginning to introduce policies that ban tracking links. That leaves your video bloggers in the lurch.

Enter direct tracking. Your affiliates can send customer traffic directly to your website, no strings attached. The incoming traffic just needs to contain an ordinary analytics parameter in the URL. You’re probably familiar with these parameters already, such as Google Analytics’ “utm_source”. Any of these parameters can be used to identify whether a specific video blogger referred a customer to your site. This feature will credit the click to said partner automatically – no links required.

Consider reaching out to your affiliate platform to ask if they support direct linking. Simply enabling direct linking can equal huge returns on your YouTube affiliate channel.

Offer Custom Tracking Domains

Promo codes are great, but for your biggest YouTube stars you’ll need another clear promotion method. You can use custom tracking domains to configure a unique vanity URL for each partner. These URLs are often a subdomain on your website, for example: “”.

Now, your partners can easily promote your brand by asking viewers to visit their unique custom domains. There are many ways to creatively use these memorable URLs. These links offer a big credibility boost for your partners as well, which helps them promote effectively.

If one thing’s certain, 2016 is going to be full of new & interesting advertising methods. Do you have any tips for the new year? Comment below!

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