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Influencers, affiliates, strategic B2B alliances, mobile app partners—just how many partnerships do you manage any given day? How do you find new high-producing partners efficiently? And perhaps most importantly, do they actually contribute to the growth of your business?  Impact’s new Partnership Cloud™, a unified solution designed to seamlessly manage the full lifecycle of partnerships, answers these questions and more, enabling you to leverage partnerships as an entirely new channel that drives revenue for your business.

In one integrated solution, Impact’s Partnership Cloud gives you the ability to capitalize on one of the most exciting, disruptive and innovative channels today. Whether you’re a marketer or a biz dev person, you no longer have to cobble together various sets of siloed solutions to leverage partnerships. In the past, these disparate solutions have included:

  • Affiliate management platforms
  • Influencer discovery tools
  • Email recruitment tools
  • Bespoke integrations and spreadsheets
  • Ill-suited customer-focused CRM tools – all to manage the disparate set of partnerships in their enterprise.

Now, with the unification of Mediarails, Radius, the Forensiq Performance and Install Suite and Altitude for Partnerships, you have—for the very first time—an integrated, unified solution to manage all forms of partnerships from beginning to end.

Why the Partnership Channel Is Key to Your Business’s Growth

Once relegated to the familiar world of traditional rewards, cashback and coupon sites, ambitious affiliate teams realized that, “Hey, I have right here at my fingertips the technology to become an agent of growth within my organization.” These forward-thinking individuals rejected the notion that the only way to drive growth is through the business-as-usual sales and marketing channels. They have reinvented their teams to hone in on the larger potential of partnerships and amplified their relevance in the greater goals of their enterprise. In short, they created an entirely new way to drive sales—and it’s a channel with incredible growth potential.

It’s true. The partnership universe keeps on getting richer. Enterprises are finding that new types of partnerships—including influencers, brand-to-brand partnerships, app-to-app mobile partnerships and customer referral programs—provide a increasing number of alternatives to engage new customers beyond traditional sales and marketing channels.

In the past, for each new channel, a new point solution has sprung up, making it more and more difficult for enterprises to cope.  Furthermore, new channels such as Influencers and strategic partnerships have traditionally not been measured in any kind of standardized way—until now with the advent of Impact’s new Partnership Cloud.

How the Partnership Cloud Works

From discovery, recruitment and contracting to tracking, optimizing and commissioning— essentially the entire partnership lifecycle—Impact’s Partnership Cloud drives revenue growth from partners across the spectrum: traditional affiliates, influencers, strategic partners, app-to-app, premium publishers and other third-party channels.

The Partnership Cloud unifies a variety of Impact products so you can manage and expand your partnership growth plan with ease. Here’s how we do it:

  • Radius. As a partnership platform, Radius gives enterprises control over all aspects of your partnerships, from discovery, recruitment, and contracting to reporting, payout, and optimization, so you not only grow efficiently, but also prove the incremental value of each partner.
  • Mediarails. Our CRM and growth platform helps you discover and recruit new digital media partners, engage existing ones through messaging automation tools, and manage it all automatically. You eliminate the tedious work and focus on more productive activities like building new partner relationships, deepening existing ones and growing your company’s bottom line.
  • Forensiq Performance Suite. Analyze whether a click, lead generation or conversion event is fraudulent with Forensiq Performance Suite, plus identify attribution fraud orcookie stuffing. Forensiq’s real-time solution is informed by a global intelligence database and optimized through its full-funnel fraud detection capabilities.  
  • Forensiq Install Suite. Analyze whether the installation of a mobile app is fraudulent and whether the click events that are attributed to the install were fraudulently generated to steal credit. This is essential for managing advertiser’s CPI programs.
  • Altitude for Partnerships. Altitude reveals how each partner is engaging with your consumers, how they interact with other channels along the path to purchase  and what incremental value you get from each partnership so you can continually optimize toward growth.

What You Gain from Impact’s Partnership Cloud

The individual products that form the Partnership Cloud offer unique sets of benefits on their own, but when they work together in the Partnership Cloud, you can:

Transform your teams into agents of growth. Going up the maturity curve to adopt the practices of your competitors (or, at least, comparable companies) is hard to achieve on your own. The Partnership Cloud contains all the solutions that enable your partnership teams to manage and optimize your programs at scale and focus on the actions that truly drive impact.

Manage all aspects of your various, diverse partnerships in one place. Whether you have a large, traditional affiliate program or diversified your partnership program across a host of innovative models, being able to orchestrate everything from one place—from discovery, recruitment to tracking, reporting and optimization—streamlines and simplifies your growth program like never before. You no longer have to pay multiple SaaS fees nor navigate multiple logins, user experiences, and siloed data sets.

Let’s get started today so you can take advantage of this expanding, innovative new channel for growth! Contact us here or reach out to your Impact representative right away.

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