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In yet another signal of how the partnership channel is shaking up the greater marketing world, the Impact Partnership Cloud took home “Best Tech Platform” from the October 9 Drum DADI Awards ceremony held in London. 

You read that right. Not just “best for partnerships,” mind you, but best overall—beating out a slew of top-notch technologies from programmatic media to video, brand protection, AI, and more. 

We’re thrilled! (Awards are awesome.) But to us the real coup is validation of our value to enterprises as they build, diversify, and optimize their partnership programs for growth. Of all the growth  channels at your disposal these days, partnerships are killing it for ROI, and we make mature, high-performance partnership programs possible. Very few tech platforms can expect two times the revenue growth in a channel or promise up to five times greater likelihood of exceeding a whole spectrum of key business expectations, as Forrester research confirms partnerships do. 

The DADI judges were in accord, calling the Impact Partnership Cloud a ”smart piece of technology bringing value to businesses that use partnerships and affiliates as a key acquisition channel.”

The DADIs (Drum Awards for the Digital Industries) are open internationally to all agencies and brands who are producing exciting and innovative digital work, and Impact is definitely on the innovation frontier. 

At the cutting edge of the sharing economy (Uber, Airbnb), on the front lines of the subscription economy (Barkbox); at direct-to-consumer digital natives like Harry’s; and at global enterprises like Lenovo and Ticketmaster, the Impact Partnership Cloud is behind the scenes driving unprecedented revenue and efficiency. Forrester research finds that companies like these with high partnership maturity see an average of 28% of company revenues derived from the partnership channel—which amounts to about $162MM more annual incremental revenue over low-maturity companies. 

The Impact Partnership Cloud provides everything enterprises need to successfully run an integrated partnership program, comprising affiliates, influencers, B2B relationships, social responsibility partnerships, mobile apps, and more.

If you’re serious about growth, you need the best technology—and we can hook you up. Let an Impact growth technologist show you exactly what makes us the best tech platform in the business. Reach out now to

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