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Love how easy it is to manage ads on Partner Manager? Us too… and we just made it even easier. Users spend a lot of time on our Search Ads page, so we’ve been hard at work making it better than ever. The main improvement that will jump out at you is the awesome new ad inventory summary at the top. At a glance, it tells media partners how many of each ad type is available to them along with some other handy details (advertisers see a list of their own ads).

The inventory widget has categories for:

  • Recently Updated (how many ads were updated in the last day, 7 days, 30 days, etc.)
  • Ad Types (banner, text link, video, flexi ad, etc.)
  • Labels (tags for the type of product, such as furniture, electronics, men)
  • Deals (promotions, such as free shipping, 20% off, gift with purchase)

You can click any item in a category, such as Banner in Ad Types, and it will be applied as a filter. If you click “View all” for a category, a lightbox pops up with the entire inventory for that category. There is also a new search bar next to the filters and new options to filter by Banner Size and Season.

All of these updates help you find what you want faster. They cut down on time spent scrolling through search results so you can hone your focus on what you need. Not sure what you want right away? Look over the inventory to get a quick feel for what’s available. Enjoy your search.

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