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Have you ever been part of a team’s success only to be overlooked when the win was announced to the world? We’ve all been there. Even if it was completely unintentional (which it usually is), it feels awful and has a lasting effect.

When working with our marketing partners, this sort of oversight can damage more than our egos. In today’s omnichannel marketing environment, we depend on the combined impact of every channel player to drive conversions. Failing to give credit where it is due can seriously impact your ability to achieve your goals. If one of those players feels under-appreciated (ahem under-compensated), they may choose to focus their efforts elsewhere.

Yet, how can you determine how to fairly reward each player if you don’t have (or don’t trust) your marketing data? This is the challenge that was faced by GlassesUSA.

The Challenge

GlassesUSA Website Homepage

GlassesUSA is a leading online retailer of prescription eyeglasses and eyewear accessories. Its marketing team is highly talented and has been publicly recognized by Internet Retailer Website for excellence in digital marketing.

Boaz Ariely, VP of Online Marketing at GlassesUSA, values data-driven insights when it comes to optimizing growth and return on ad spend (ROAS), but he was faced with a challenge. His organization was relying on disparate sources of marketing data and incurring unnecessary affiliate channel costs brought about by its rapid growth.

Recognizing this concern, Boaz’s team accepted the goal of determining which channels were best for new customer acquisition. They wanted to identify the introducers that had an impact early in the funnel and reward them appropriately to encourage loyalty.

GlassesUSA also wanted to simplify its affiliate channel and improve its tracking capabilities. In the course of its growth, the organization had become involved in multiple affiliate networks. This had resulted in unnecessary costs from duplicated credit, management overhead and abuse of terms.

GlassesUSA wanted to bring all of its marketing efforts onto one marketing technology platform to create a single source of data that would support confident decision making.

Of course, leading your organization through a significant digital change is not easy. Even when (perhaps, especially when) your organization is successful. No one wants to risk disrupting relationships that are working to your advantage. But, Boaz knew change was necessary if he was to achieve his marketing goals.

The Solution

Upon reviewing the options, GlassesUSA decided on the Impact Radius solution. The combined strength of Partner Manager, Tag Manager and Media Manager would provide the single source of marketing data the team was seeking and offer deep visibility into their customer’s journey.

“We wanted a partner, not just another vendor. We could tell Impact Radius would help us tackle several problems at once under one roof.”

– Boaz Ariely, VP Online Marketing, GlassesUSA

With the decision made the team got to work. They cut their ties with the affiliate networks, migrated their affiliate partnerships onto the platform and implemented Tag Manager. In addition to providing them with the ability to easily manage their relationships, this move eliminated costly network fees and overpayments due to duplication concerns. With Tag Manager, they also gained control of their tracking and reduced their dependence on IT involvement.

Impact Radius Dashboard

With the reduction of costs underway the team shifted its focus to the omnichannel attribution data. With Media Manager they gained granular information about every touchpoint along the customer’s path to conversion and they were eager to leverage these new insights.

Using this data, GlassesUSA was able to identify common paths to conversion and key introducers whose contributions occurred earlier in the funnel. In their case, these introducers often encouraged email newsletter signups. They adjusted their attribution model to compensate these efforts – ensuring that important partners did not go unrecognized. They also leveraged this data to shift spend away from channel players who were not contributing to conversion, freeing up funds to spend on more productive relationships.


GlassesUSA’s decision to proactively tackle its marketing challenges paid off. By investing in one marketing technology platform that provides a single source of data across all channels, the organization has gained the ability to nurture all relationships in one place.

Boaz’s team is now making important decisions with confidence. They have been rewarded with a 55% revenue increase year-over-year across all of their marketing channels, an 87% increase from unique or solo conversions and a 60% increase in ROAS for their affiliate channel.

We are so proud of the GlassesUSA team for taking on this challenge and achieving such amazing results. If you would like to learn more, please refer to the GlassesUSA case study which contains additional detail about their phenomenal success.

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