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We made some awesome upgrades to the Impact Radius Campaign Marketplace. There has been a major design overhaul to make the interface more visually engaging and help Media Partners find campaigns.

 A Featured Partner carousel grabs your attention with large banner images that highlight top Advertisers. Below that are new Marketplace campaigns – now presented in a more visual tile format. There is also a Recommended section that uses our proprietary algorithm to proactively suggest the best campaigns for you. You can quickly see basic payout terms and bookmark any you’re interested in. Filters allow you to search by star ranking, country, payout action and more.

As always, a big strength of the Impact Radius Marketplace is its full transparency – unlike traditional networks, we allow you to view all contact information for your affiliates. But wait, there’s more! Soon we will be adding a Category Specific section so you can quickly hone in on the verticals that are a good match for you.

Campaign Marketplace

It’s been great to see our Campaign Marketplace fill up with top-tier brands. We love seeing the collaboration, and are excited to see these design improvements take it to the next level.

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