Best Tips for Launching Your Affiliate Program New Year with a Bang

To be at the top of your game, you have to be ready to jump on each consumer sales opportunity that comes your way. With the new year just around the corner and with placements selling out fast, you need to be ready far enough in advance to get those prime placements! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • If you’re a “new year, new me” merchant (beauty, weight loss, travel) you should be requesting publisher media kits and booking new year placements by November 1st.  Again, these verticals sell out quickly!

  • If you are a merchant that has a post-holiday sale, make sure the publishers are informed so they can capitalize on the success of these events.

  • Give publishers ample notice if their vanity codes and private offers from Q4 2015 will be extended into Q1 2016, and leverage this for additional publisher placements.

  • January newsletters (if possible) should be sent to the publishers before Christmas, but certainly no later than Dec. 23rd as many publishers are OOO the remainder of the year. This will make it easier on the publishers and ensure your promotions are set to go live on January 1st.

  • Review the top 25 publishers to ensure that all outdated holiday creative is removed, and replaced with 2016 banners and text links. Also audit promotions to ensure expired offers are no longer visible.

  • Start off the new year right by ensuring that you’re working with the right loyalty, cashback and coupon/deal publishers to ensure you can be the most competitive and get the best placements possible with your buyers.

  • Don’t forget to include some high profile content, reviews and social influencers too —  and if you can, give them a perk / promo code so they can capitalize on the sale! This will ensure you are playing fair and giving your buyers every opportunity to win with you.

Are there other must-do’s on your new year checklist? Hit the comments with your best practices.

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