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Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or just looking to expand your reach through new relationships, it can be a challenge to get your campaign noticed in a busy performance marketing marketplace. While there are lots of ways to grow your partnerships, direct communication is key. Taking a page from our own advice book, we reached out to some of our media partners to ask them what their advice is to advertisers trying to get noticed. Here are 3 of the best practices they recommend:

Tricia Meyer

“Networking is the biggest key to being successful in affiliate marketing. Because much of what we do is based on relationships, the more people you know, the more likely you are to get what you need. A big mistake is to only network with people you are working with right now. Expand your horizons because chances are good that you will end up working with many more people in completely different ways.”
– Tricia Meyer, Helping Moms Connect

Annie Coryat

“Over the last year we have seen a large uptick in the percentage of mobile traffic coming from our bloggers. A campaign promotion that does not have a mobile optimized page, or worse one that does not track conversions coming from a mobile device, can impact overall conversion rates and sales. A low conversion rate impacts revenue for a publisher and is a big factor determining how much of their ad inventory a promotion gets.”
– Annie Coryat, ShopHer Media

Oly Rillera of Slickdeals

“Spend your money wisely and strategically. Know which actions you want to incentivize by looking at your attribution funnel (using Impact Radius’ Media Manager technology). To acquire new customers, recruit first-click publishers that have high direct traffic numbers. To increase your top line, last-click publishers can help. Whatever you do, do so purposefully!”
– Oly Rillera, Slickdeals LLC

Do any of our media partners in the blogosphere have additional recommendations? Hit the comments with your insider tips.

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