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Running a successful partnership program gets more complicated every day. Affiliates, influencers, and strategic brand partnerships all introduce their own complexities and provide value in different ways. And if you don’t manage their compensation properly, it can throw off even your best efforts. You need a way to reduce complexity and compensate based on value. Think about this:

  • Influencer marketing delivers 11X more ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing. Are your influencers being paid properly?
  • The effectiveness of individual affiliates changes all the time—do your payments reflect these changes or are you paying more than you should?
  • What about mobile—are you adequately tracking and compensating partners for the mobile web and in-app traffic they drive?

Dynamic Payouts Helps You Keep It Fair

Maintaining good relationships with all your various partners is vital—especially when it comes to payment. Dynamic Payouts helps take the stress out of this area of relationship management by offering a payment structure that lets you drive profitable growth by compensating influencers and other partners according to the real value they provide.

For instance, a typical conversion path might involve a content blog, a social influencer, a shopping comparison site, and a coupon site, in that order. In the traditional last-click-is-everything payout system, the blogger and the influencer would rarely win a payout, and the lower-funnel partners would end up receiving most of the credit. Dynamic Payouts enables you to be more equitable toward the partners that influenced and contributed to a sale, but didn’t actually close it.

Specific Use Cases When Dynamic Payouts Lets You Structure Payments According to Your Needs

Here are some of the most common scenarios you face when Dynamic Payouts help you pay partners according to their value and incentivize all your partners to drive the specific business outcomes you want. You can set your parameters up exactly how you need, with strategies such as:  

  1. If you want to compensate early-funnel partners like content blogs and social influencers who participate in the customer journey yet rarely win the last click, you can pay participation bonuses any time a selected partner (or partners) appear in the conversion path, even if they didn’t get that last click. And you can simultaneously reduce the winning click’s payout by a corresponding amount to keep spend constant.
  2. If you want to focus on new customer acquisition, you can pay an extra 50% for new customers or double for new customers that purchase something from product category X.
  3. If you want to increase cost efficiency and protect your margins, you can reduce commission for orders that are discounted X% or more.
  4. If you want to focus on acquiring high-value customers, you can pay differently based on customer tier (such as FICO tier for card issuers) or segment.  
  5. If you have particular inventory you want to sell (such as off-peak travel bookings or last season’s clothing) you can increase payouts for those products or categories. You can also double down by offering even higher payouts when orders contain multiple items from those categories.
  6. If you want to drive sales in a specific region or of a certain product, you can adjust your payouts to drive any of those outcomes. For example, you can pay double for sales in New York, only half on a certain product, or an extra 10% to a certain sub-affiliate for any order that contains at least five of widget XYZ.

With Dynamic Payouts, you can do all of these things, and more. In fact, there are over 100 different factors on which you can adjust commission, and you can combine them however you want.

Help make your payouts to influencers, affiliates, and brand partners more equitable and more focused on your business goals. To learn more, reach out to your CSM or to today.

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