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The holidays can be a crazy time for anyone, but they mark an especially harried time for marketers. Want to cut out the crazy? Follow these 5 tips to make sure your holiday marketing goes off without a hitch.

  1. Establish holiday-specific promotions

Don’t rely on your everyday advertising and move beyond holiday colors into a truly creative, unique customer experience. Create holiday-specific campaigns, complete with customized offers, banners, graphics and promotions. Will you reward customers that come in to brick-and-mortar stores or order online early? Try to stand out from the competition with a catchy theme, appealing character or personality, or interactive challenge. Amazon’s Prime Day was a good example of a brand creating their buzz for an adopted holiday. Your team will need time to create and place ads, while affiliates will need the additional time to integrate your content into their sites for optimal exposure.

  1. Optimize site and search campaigns for mobile devices

Research is clear that both search and purchases on mobile devices are on the rise. Whether or not final conversions are occurring on mobile devices for your business, it’s important to consider how your content appears to the casual mobile device user.

You can easily check how mobile-friendly your page is here. This might also be a time to consider a mobile-specific campaign. Try in-app advertising or an offer that is mobile exclusive to gather data and engage your customers.

  1. Coordinate  across all channels but let each channel shine

Marketing efforts need to be coordinated, especially during the holiday season. Are you planning on connecting with customers through content, social media, email marketing, retargeting or other channels? Create campaigns that are channel specific, but are a part of a larger marketing goal. If you have an overarching theme or campaign, let each channel manager come up with a creative way to implement it. Use your customer journey insights to leverage opportunities with media partners that align with the campaign. Have an internal group discussion to make sure that all marketing departments are aligned on the desired holiday brand vision and customer experience.

  1. Test. Everything. Multiple. Times.

The only thing  worse than all your marketing efforts going unnoticed is your efforts inadvertently hitting all the wrong marks. By preparing and testing your marketing materials long before the holiday season, you can help guarantee your holiday specific creative and strategies will be a great success. If banners are are not sized correctly or the graphics are not up to par, affiliates may not use them. If your subject line doesn’t provide the punch you thought it would, your email campaign goes straight to the trash. Don’t know what metrics you should be measuring? You’ll end up with a bunch of data that is not applicable for a progressive strategy. Remember: make your game plan, test it, test it again and proceed accordingly.

  1. Make sure to measure

The holiday season can be a stressful time. Some successes may feel like failures, and some shortcomings may actually have turned out to be home runs. To find out exactly where your efforts landed you, you will have to measure. Decide on the metrics you will be measuring far before the holiday season is in full swing (remember tip #4), and stay consistent with your data collection.

Data is great, but knowing what the data means for you, your campaigns and your organization is even better. Plan on doing a complete audit. Take the time to analyze your data so next year can be an even greater success. Find out what worked, what didn’t and what can be improved. Keep an eye on channels that influenced, but didn’t necessarily get credited for conversions. How can you leverage that for next year. Make sure to take time to review the data you’ve collected, share it with your team, and make a data driven strategy to guarantee next year is even more successful.

The holidays are supposed to be a time full of cheer, merriment, and joy. Keep it that way by following these 5 easy tips to keep the stress out of your holiday marketing season.

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