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2014 was a fantastic year for our clients and for everyone here at Impact Radius. Going into 2014, we had already reached new heights by partnering with global brands like Target, Advance Auto, and American Airlines. We used that momentum to grow our client base, number of employees, offices and revenue.

2015 certainly looks like it will be an equally exciting year for everyone, but before we embark on the new year we think it is appropriate to thank all of our clients, partners and advocates for your continued support. Without that support and collaboration we certainly would not have achieved this level of success in 2014.

We want to share some key highlights of the year and highlight some of the biggest achievements.

Massively expanding our global team and footprint

To support our ever expanding client list of global brands and agencies, as well as execute on our product vision, we more than doubled headcount globally in all areas of the business. We have over 100 employees located across our New York, London, Santa Barbara, and Cape Town offices. With our strong momentum and growth, we have been able to attract some of the best and brightest in our industry. To really serve our customers and partners well in 2015, we now have world-class support in every timezone. This trend will continue in 2015 as we will be investing heavily in Europe as well as further strengthening our US operations by significantly expanding our New York office and presence in other regions.

Delivering on our Product Vision

First and foremost, Impact Radius is an innovative marketing technologies company and 2014 was a great year for the expansion of our product capabilities (as well as product delivery capability by tripling our engineering team). Aside from driving major innovation in attribution, analytics, mobile tracking, and crediting capabilities, we implemented hundreds of meaningful features to all of our products to further support the needs of our ever expanding client list. A particularly exciting project we completed in 2014 was our international platform enhancements which get released today. This platform will firmly position Impact Radius’ Partner Manager product as the leading global performance advertising platform with native payment, contracting and reporting capabilities in more than 150 currencies as well as 20K+ integrated media partners with whom brands and agencies can transact. We look forward to working with our clients and partners to drive continued innovation and improvements across our product suite in 2015.

Impressive momentum means 2015 will be increasingly exciting for our customers and everyone at Impact Radius.

In 2014, we grew the total count of brands and agencies using the platform to 900+ and revenue grew 93% putting us in a clear leadership position in the enterprise market for our flagship Partner Manager product. We had many of our customers adopt our entire product suite, making us their key technology vendor for most of their advertising analytics and workflows.

Again this phenomenal growth would not have happened without you – our clients and partners – and we look forward to meeting you all soon to share with you our plans and get your feedback on how we can do even better and make 2015 a home run for all of us!

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