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I’ve spent over 25 years in managerial roles and learned early in my career to ask anyone presenting me with a problem or issue to also recommend a solution or next steps. Otherwise, every problem becomes my problem. And that scenario quickly cripples organizational effectiveness.

After a while, this rule becomes part of the team’s culture. So, when we conceived of the “#2012Marketing Challenges” series, we planned to include a “solutions” piece right from the start.

Another fundamental management lesson relates to making decisions based on the recommendations of others. My choices are usually better when I understand the problem before picking a best course of action. Don’t jump to conclusions without having all relevant information. It’s obvious, right? Unfortunately, in our haste to be efficient and trust our team, it’s easy to short-cut the decision-making process.

Plus, the decision maker can’t always afford the time to become a subject matter expert. We must focus our knowledge on either a “broad and shallow” or a “narrow and deep” understanding. Ideally, the information we’re missing is balanced by the rest of the team.

With the busy executive in mind (and to provide a basis for our #2012Marketing Solutions), here’s a summary of the 12 challenges we’ve covered in the series.  Each references the more in-depth articles in case you want to dive deeper into the specific issue listed.

Challenges List

Challenge TopicOpportunity TrendRequired ResourcesProjected ROI
1. Mobile 
2. Display 
3. Convergence of Traditional & Online 
4. Deal & Coupons
5. Privacy vs Personalization
6. Digital Tools 
7. Data Management 
8. Attribution Reporting 
9. Social Media 
10. Executing a 3-Screen Strategy 
11. Prioritization 
12. Emerging Media 
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