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Yesterday, I sat down with fellow Impact Radius marketing team member Teddy to talk about how we utilize remarketing (aka retargeting) in our marketing efforts. As he was explaining what we’ve been doing, I realized that the topic of remarketing itself might be new for some of you as well as myself. So…

What is remarketing?
Basically, remarketing is a form of advertising which targets consumers who visited your site without resulting in a conversion. When that consumer leaves your site (or specific pages),remarketing presents your ads to them on other websites. This can be a powerful marketing strategy as it (1) targets only consumers who have already shown interest in your company, and (2) repeats the exposure of your company to those consumers.

How does it work?
The first step to retargeting is getting a consumer to your website. Once they visit your site, the consumer is tagged with a cookie. If they leave your site without making a purchase, completing a lead form, or any other action you define, the remarketing service provider initiates display ads to appear on other sites the consumer visits.

You can alter the ads that appear to consumers when they have visited your site multiple times. Say, for example, remarketing has already sent a consumer back to your site twice but they leave yet again without a conversion. For the next ad they see via remarketing, you may want them to be presented with an ad that provides an offer for a discount or free service.

The consumer will continue to see your ads on other sites until a return visit to your site results in a conversion, or until you choose to expire the cookie after a designated period of time. Depending on the remarketing provider, marketers can even launch multiple remarketing campaigns targeting more specifically defined customers using custom creative and offers.  Remarketing allows advertisers to intelligently continue the marketing conversation with consumers, from first visit through to conversion.

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