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Did you hear the buzz about our Media Manager launch? Media Manager is a centralized data hub that tracks the performance of all your marketing channels. You can configure crediting logic and get all the reports you need — from the channel level all the way down to individual conversion paths — giving you the data and insights to optimize your ad spend. Over the next few weeks and months, we will continue to unveil new Media Manager capabilities so look for updates and feature highlights.

Today, we’re focusing on our new rule builder feature. This tool enables you to create rules to help identify previously unspecified media sources and channels. Rules can specify the following referring and landing page values: URL, domain, query string and parameter. For example, you could set the following channel rule: If the referring parameter utm_medium exactly matches email, then the source goes into the email channel. You can chain multiple rules together, connecting them with an “And” or an “Or.” This is a flexible and powerful tool to create any rule you need.

With channel rules set, unidentified traffic sources will be automatically categorized into the correct channels (search, email, etc.), making your reporting more accurate. Then, when you pull a Performance by Channel report you will get a clearer understanding of where your traffic is coming from. You can also customize channel names according to what your marketing team prefers.

Previously, the unidentified sources page listed any incoming traffic sources that weren’t identified as one of your media sources. Now, these unidentified sources are grouped either according to referring domain or a landing page parameter of your choosing, such as utm_source=Google, so you can start seeing where your traffic is coming from before setting up a media source. You can go through the list and quickly identify sources that you want to start managing as media sources. When you identify and label a new source, your data will be affected retroactively so your historical reporting is up to date.

So what’s so cool about the rule builder? You are in the Media Manager driver’s seat, setting things up to your specification without the need for outside support. Your channel reporting becomes more accurate and you have insight into sources you may have missed. A better understanding of your traffic means better decisions about your ad spend.

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