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A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Imagine if you had this view of your customer’s journey. Of all the features in Media Manager, this is one that gets people really excited. This level of detail is available for every customer order, showing all the touchpoints they encountered. It’s a powerful way to understand their experience with your brand.

Some paths are short, with just one or two touches. Some are very long and complex – going back six months with countless interactions. Analyzing these paths will reveal trends.  Who are your typical introducers? Your influencers in the middle? And what about your closers? When you can answer these questions, you can better allocate spend to fit your goals.

We all love data, right? Visualizations help make data actionable – in this case, identifying cross-channel synergies you couldn’t see before. In the past, we talked with many marketers that knew certain channels were playing a role in influencing customers, but they didn’t have a full view of the customer journey to prove it. Now it’s possible.

You’ll notice Affiliate is highlighted green – this indicates it was credited as the sole winner for this conversion. With Impact Radius, you have flexible crediting abilities to determine a “winner”, and then can compare how different attribution models would assign value for a more holistic view of each media’s contribution. You can see reports that measure assists, unique revenue, and various aspects of channel overlap to learn which investments have the best payoff.

These insights are becoming the new norm. If you’re interested in learning more about these reports, we’d love to tell you about them! Give us a call at 805-324-6021.

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