StackAdapt Uses Forensiq’s Prebid Solution, Mitigates Fraud Risk

Brand marketers are eagerly taking advantage of the increasing number of media channels with which to engage their audiences . But with an increase in channels, there’s more potential for fraudulent inventory to enter the supply chain.

StackAdapt, a leading native advertising platform, aims to help advertisers grow their customer base through native, display, and video advertising and teamed up with Forensiq to evaluate its traffic quality. Forensiq’s prebid solution enabled StackAdapt to evaluate traffic quality from partner domains and exchanges prior to making an offer on that traffic at auction. Check out our case study to learn more about how Forensiq helped StackAdapt establish a first line of defense that exceeds industry benchmarks.

Forensiq recognizes the needs of StackAdapt and other players along the digital media chain as marketers increasingly leverage new channels and techniques for engaging human audiences. Forensiq has provided StackAdapt with essential prebid invalid traffic prevention tools to bolster the company’s fraud risk management efforts.  By making a proactive move toward quality assurance, StackAdapt is using best practices for putting fraud detection techniques in place.

The bottom line? An advertising platform cannot promise valid traffic without deploying tools to ensure the validity of its traffic sources. To its credit, StackAdapt has maintained a zero tolerance policy on fraudulent traffic since its founding in 2013 and partnered with Forensiq in supporting this effort.

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