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Fraud is increasingly showing up at the lower end of the marketing funnel and causing challenges for performance marketing. To gain a better understanding of performance fraud and to determine if you’re at risk for it, download our eBook: How to Spot Tell Signs of Fraud in Your Performance Traffic. The eBook will help you determine whether you’ve been affected and techniques for combatting the problem.

While many players in the digital ecosystem are familiar with impression-based fraud in the CPM world, fraud in the performance marketing world is far less understood. For example, how do you know if your company has a problem with performance fraud? Are there initial tests you can run on your traffic data before investing in a fraud prevention and detection solution?

Bad actors are committing install attribution fraud to illegitimately claim credit for an install they didn’t truly drive, and committing install fraud to falsely install apps where the installer has no plan to actually use them.

In our eBook we identify the signs you should look for that may be affecting your performance traffic, including low app interaction or dormancy, abnormally low conversion rates, quick uninstall times, and low click-to-conversion rates. We offer tips for performing diagnostics including identifying your app’s average 1 to 7-day churn rate vs. your sources? churn rates, knowing your app’s typical conversion rates, and uninstall rates.

Performance marketing is a rapidly growing sector that can help business grow learn how to read the signs to know whether fraud is infiltrating this critical business channel.

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