How to Stay Ahead of Impression Fraud on Mobile Apps

As the majority of digital ad dollars are flowing into mobile channels, it’s no surprise that mobile apps are extremely vulnerable to fraud. Download our eBook: Stay Ahead of Impression Fraud on Mobile Apps to learn how fraudsters evade detection through various methods including device, app, and location spoofing, and the strategies you can use to respond.

With a majority of digital ad dollars earmarked for mobile, the sector is a key target for fraudsters. Mobile in-app ad spending in the U.S. is projected to reach $56.4 billion in 2018, up from $45.2 billion in 2017, according to eMarketer, making it a fertile area for fraudsters that are aggressively following the money. Our eBook explains how bad actors commit impression fraud on mobile apps and what you can do to combat this problem.

Most buyers and sellers are using programmatic media buying tactics to scale their digital media transactions. While programmatic technology is ideal for automating the media buying process, it leaves ad inventory vulnerable to fraud given all the intermediaries along the route from purchase to delivery. Our eBook explains how honest app owners increase revenue, and also the techniques fraudsters use to artificially inflate ad revenue, their user base, ad impressions, ad prices, and avoid detection.

The eBook will inform you how mobile device, app, and location spoofing work. Learn how to protect your company by staying steps ahead of fraudsters to win the fight against impression fraud on mobile apps.

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