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In a new eBook, Getting Ahead of Mobile Install Attribution Fraud, the Forensiq team takes a close look at mobile install attribution fraud and how you can begin to tackle it.

The eBook offers critical intelligence on a growing problem within mobile supply chain. Install attribution fraud is a big deal because the app install market is robust and growing fast, in fact, the market was estimated to hit $7.6B in 2017 vs. $5.87B in 2016, according to eMarketer

  • The scale of the challenge
  • The difference between install attribution fraud and standard install fraud
  • An update on attribution
  • How bad actors game the system,
  • The types of mobile attribution fraud and how they’re perpetrated
  • Steps you can take to prevent mobile attribution fraud
  • Techniques Forensiq uses to stop mobile attribution fraud

Mobile attribution has become a must-have ingredient in the performance marketing arena, where an advertiser’s partners are compensated for convincing new users to install the advertiser’s app. In the eBook, you’ll learn about the impact mobile attribution fraud is having, the indicators that fraudsters might be stealing precious ad dollars and the detection techniques employed to locate install attribution risk.

Fraud in the mobile attribution arena has major implications for all stakeholders in the ecosystem, so it’s wise to get ahead of the bad actors that are causing monetary losses for advertisers, as well as financial burden for publishers.

Get rid of mobile install attribution fraud now; consult the eBook to learn more.

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