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Forensiq cares about its customers and partners’ perspectives on fraud in the digital supply chain. That’s why we asked them to weigh in earlier in 2018 on the current state of fraud in the industry. Download our eBook: 2018 Forensiq Customer Survey Report to access the findings and to learn the views of peers on the supply-side and the demand-side.

Is fraud in the digital ad ecosystem getting better or worse? Are stakeholders in the ecosystem doing enough to fight fraud?

Forensiq wanted to gain a view of the current state of fraud in the industry and understand stakeholders’ perceptions. The survey polled a variety of supply-side and demand-side players from a mix of companies on both the impression-based advertising side and the performance-based side, including brands, media agencies, trading desks, DSPs, SSPs, Ad Networks/Exchanges, Publishers, Performance Marketers, OPMs, and Performance Networks.

Here are a couple of key findings from the online survey:

  • Organizations (about 69% of them) are more likely to say that the state of fraud is improving for their own company. Many have established daily fraud monitoring processes and are involved in ongoing education to understand fraudsters’ tactics and the techniques to detect those tactics.  
  • However, only 50% of respondents agree that the state of fraud in the industry is improving. About 25% responded that they neither “agree” nor “disagree”, and the remaining 25% disagreed with the statement.
  • As for blockchain’s potential to combat fraud, 42% of respondents  “agree” or “strongly agree” with the statement, “In the future, I predict that Blockchain will be instrumental in establishing trust in the ad ecosystem,” 39% of respondents “weren’t sure” and 18% “disagreed”.

Want to see all of the results from Forensiq’s survey? Download our eBook: 2018 Customer Survey Report.

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